A Royal Carnival of Love – The Grandeur Wedding

~ by Amar Ramesh

PUBLISH DATE: July 3, 2019

Wedding Portrait Photography With Sony SEL1635GM Lens
Sony SEL1635GM Lens
Shot by SEL1635GM lens

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New ways of making a wedding look royal

India is known for its cultural and moral values globally. Love & bonding are the first lessons that are taught in every Indian household. Indian weddings are the epitome of that very flavor.

As a country, India has transformed and proved to be a modern nation. Yet when we talk of our morals and values, we find ourselves to be rooted. Every time, I shoot an Indian wedding it’s not only about the couple but also about the family and loved ones, from old to young.

Challenges I face while shooting a big family portrait

Shooting portraits is not easy, as you have to take care of every expression around you. And to be sure that each one who is shot likes the picture is a tough deal, especially if you are shooting a big family portrait. One mistake can completely spoil the entire shoot. Suppose someone has blinked and in pictures his eyes look closed.

Advice to overcome such a challenge: Introducing the Sony A9

One can’t shoot good pictures without good cameras and lenses, followed by proper lighting. To shoot such a frame, my personal choice is Sony A9 Camera with a 16-35mm G-Master lens (SEL1635GM).

How to make it that regal?

Indian weddings are a form of art, where people express themselves with their favorite colours, designs & jewelry. Everything from lights to interiors is about that artistic richness, to get these details it’s important to use a high end glass lens. The task of a photographer is to make this short-lived celebration, last a lifetime. The photographer is responsible for curating everything bit by bit, hue by hue and documenting it as an epic, for ages to come. The glass of G-master has an exclusive resolution that meets the high end sensors. Auto focus (AF) Lock button on the 16-35mm G-Master lens makes sure the focusing is fast, accurate and thus the lens never hunts for focus even in low light. Shooting with 16-35mm G-Master lens (SEL1635GM) gives a photographer leeway to shoot and not process them later to get desired sharpness and edge to edge focus.

Photography is not only about the subject but its ambience, background, interiors and mood. To get everything, a photographer has to be sure about what he is doing and needs right medium to paint his digital canvas.

Revolutionary tools, used to make it this royal

This picture was shot on Sony G-Master Lens FE16-35mm F2.8 GM with minimum distortions. The details of the sarees, jewellery, background curtains, paintings, chandeliers and expressions together make this shot. I chose G-Master lens because it makes sure that all the details are sharp and evident enough to make it impactful and soothing to eyes.

Shooting on aperture f5 is very risky on other lenses as opposed to the G-Master lens. An f5 gives very tight bandwidth of depth of field. And a G-master lens makes sure that it takes care of every detail, and also allows you to shoot great pictures, even in low light.

Shooting on shutter speed 1/250 sec at f5.0 in low light, leaves you with one option and that’s is pushing the ISO. With ISO 640, I was able to shoot everything that was important to satisfy the creative conscience of a photographer.

Rest, the details and resolution of this picture speaks for itself!

Amar Ramesh - Wedding Photographer

About Amar Ramesh

Amar quit his job an engineer to pursue his passion for photography. What began as a photo journey of the temples of India, by happenstance became wedding photography. Studio A, Amar's brainchild, is now a sought after wedding photography stu... Read more

Story Stats & Gear Used:

Main image stats:

Shutter Speed (7965784, 1000000)
Aperture (4643856, 1000000)
Model ILCE-9
Focal Length (260, 10)
Exposure (1, 250)
ISO 640
Lens FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM

Sony Alpha 9 Full-frame Mirrorless camera - Made for professionals.


Premium G Master Series wide-angle zoom lens and smooth bokeh

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