Understanding G Master Lens Technology with Mr. Saroj Dora

Oct. 22, 2022 (10 a.m.) to (5 p.m.)

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Oct. 22, 2022 (10 a.m.) to (5 p.m.)


Sai mandap , Atharnala, Puri

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Oct. 22, 2022


Tomorrow’s lenses today, from Sony. Grab the best of life with the Sony Alpha range of G Master lenses. Make the feeling last a lifetime by learning about the amazing features, superb AF performance, sensational sensor and processor, versatile and convenient control, stunning High resolution and appealing bokeh together at last, from the leader in imaging innovation. Enhance your photography skills by being a part of this workshop. Join the workshop and learn from the industry-leading photographer Mr. Saroj Dora - Sony Alpha Specialsit. Know more about their journey & their gears, shooting techniques and tricks that can help you set new creative benchmarks.


Sai mandap , Atharnala, Puri

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