Exclusive support designed for professionals.

Exclusive support designed for professionals.

A Premium Care Program for Professional Photographers, PRO Support members receive superior support to meet their professional needs to ensure their Digital Imaging products are always ready.

When can I apply?

Once you successfully register a minimum of two (2) or more "Alpha" Full Frame interchangeable lens cameras & three (3) or more lens (1pcs Zeiss or 1pcs G series and 2pcs GM lens). Register for pro-support option will enable for you on pro-support page and My profile page. Once you fill the application for pro-support your application will be evaluated by Sony India. Membership will be granted as per the discretion of Sony India and approved member will be intimated accordingly.

Membership Benefits

Expert Support

Phone, email and chat support

Service center location in New Delhi-Mumbai-Bangalore-Cochin-Kolkata

Professional Enrichment

Invitation to special events

Trial loans

Equipment Perks

Welcome Kit including membership card

Three complimentary clean and maintenance check service

Invitations to events and seminars

Loans for repairs lasting more than three days


To apply for the Sony Imaging Pro Support (SIPS) Membership one must fulfil the following criteria:

A. Applicant should be at least 18 years of age and a resident of INDIA
B. Applicant must be a professional photographer, who is self-employed or owns or works for a registered photography company.
C. Should Own a minimum of two (2) or more "Alpha" Full Frame interchangeable lens cameras & three (3) or more (1pcs Zeiss or 1pcs G series and 2pcs GM lens) , purchased from an authorised Sony India Retailer. For more details please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

To apply for the membership Just sign-in to Sony Alpha Community Register your Sony Cameras & Lenses and once you successfully register a minimum of two (2) or more "Alpha" Full Frame interchangeable lens cameras & three (3) or more ( pcs Zeiss or 1pcs G series and 2pcs GM lens), purchased from an authorized Sony India Retailer, you will be eligible to apply. Once eligible, you can visit your profile and click on Apply for pro-support button.

There are no charges to becoming a member currently. If in future any charges are imposed for becoming a member, Sony India shall inform you in advance

All membership requests will be validated by Sony India. If the applicant is found to have fulfilled all the criteria then a confirmation will be sent on the registered mail ID, this process may take a few weeks.
In the unlikely event that an application is not accepted, the applicant will be informed accordingly by Sony India.

SIPS membership is only for the registered individual. We recommend that your friends or family members desirous of becoming SIPS members register for it with us individually.

SIPS is a separate membership program with specific membership criteria. Please refer to question 1 or the Terms & Conditions for more information.

SIPS Members will enjoy priority repair of the registered products with a repair turnaround time of 3 business days after the product reaches our specialised repair centres at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin and Kolkata. Please allow additional time for shipping to and from the repair centre. Rural areas may take longer.

The overall clean and maintenance check service available to Members includes the below, as applicable:

  1. Inspect & clean*: Image sensor, clean Mirror, Focus screen, Viewfinder, external camera body, external lens, external lens optics, external lens body & external lens barrel
  2. Check manual & auto focus
  3. Verify white balance & steady shot
  4. Inspect all ports
  5. Perform firmware update
  6. Overall camera & lens inspection
*applicable to limited models

Loan products are provided to SIPS members when repair of their original products exceeds 3 working days. Loaning of backup equipment would be subject to product availability. Loan equipment is only given for the duration of repair of the member’s equipment.

Only products purchased from authorized Sony India dealers and re-sellers will be considered for registration under the SIPS program.

For further details of the program Write to us on sonyindia.care@ap.sony.com or call us on 18001037799 (Open all days from 9 am to 7:30 pm)

Terms & Conditions

  • Sony India Pvt Ltd. (Sony India) offers " Sony Imaging PRO Support” (SIPS) membership to all professionals who fulfil the below eligibility criteria
    • Should be 18 years and above
    • Must be a professional photographer, self-employed individual, or an employee of a professional imaging business, who plays a direct and active role in the creation of moving or still images for third parties with a large proportion of their income derived from this creation. Who owns or works for a registered photography company
    • Should Own a minimum of two (2) or more "Alpha" Full Frame interchangeable lens cameras & three (3) or more (1pcs Zeiss or 1pcs G series and 2pcs GM lens) , purchased from an authorised Sony India Retailer.
    • Lives and works in India
  • Membership will be granted as per the discretion of Sony India and approved member will be intimated accordingly.
  • The membership period will commence upon the date when the membership kit/card is received by the member and will be valid for a period of One (1) years. Thereafter, the membership term may be extended at the discretion of Sony India on a year-by-year basis.
  • SIPS membership benefits will only be applicable for the registered individual. Other individuals will need to sign up for their own SIPS account and must meet all of the eligibility requirements.
  • The following benefits will be extended to all SIPS registered members -:
    • Welcome Kit consisting of a membership card & camera strap
    • Special Invites for new product launches, seminars & events
    • Priority access to the Sony India contact centre when calling from the registered mobile number
    • Complimentary clean and maintenance check service for lenses and camera bodies, up to three (3) times per membership year for eligible products and for a total of six products. Additional lens and body clean and check can be organised at Members cost (prices quoted on request)
    • 25% discount on labour fee & Parts cost for registered products.
    • Priority repair service of registered products at designated service centres upon presentation of membership card.
    • Loan equipment may be available upon request if turnaround time exceeds three (3) working days, subject to availability and upon specific request.
  • The SIPS Card & Strap will remain the property of Sony India. Member must (a) keep them safe and secure at all times when they are in the member’s possession or power (b) promptly report any loss or theft to Sony India (c) return both the SIPS card & strap to Sony India immediately upon termination or expiration of your SIPS Membership. Sony India reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee as it deems fit for replacement of SIPS Card or strap.
  • To avail services, the member must present the Membership Card or notify the Membership Number. In the event the member is unable to provide either the card or membership number Sony India may deny offering all or a part of the Services to such member.
  • Sony India shall handle information identifying a specific individual such as name, address and phone number offered in the course of application for and use of the Services (hereinafter “Personal Information”) in accordance with these terms along with the Sony India Group Privacy Policy
  • Sony India shall use the Personal Information only for the purposes listed below, and except for cases permitted by laws or regulations, shall not use for any other purpose without prior consent from the member;
    • Provision of Services
    • Notice of Sony India Group products, services, events, etc.
    • Request for opinions or feedback in questionnaires
    • Creation of statistical data
    • Invitation for participation in various events/ marketing activity etc.
  • * In the event Personal Information is not provided, Services to Members as based on the purpose of use may not be provided.

  • In the event a Member wishes to review, correct or delete Personal Information, the member must notify Sony India and we shall respond as promptly as possible.
  • Sony India shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred by the Member as a result of the use of or inability to use the services by the member. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, Sony India shall not be liable for any loss of goodwill and/or business and/or loss of opportunity under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Sony India shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred by the member as a result of inappropriate maintenance or use of the ID, Membership Card and Membership Number.
  • The member shall not perform any of the following acts in the course of application or use of the Services:
    • Provide false or inaccurate information in relation to application or receipt of the Services
    • Use the Services for the purpose of business operation, commercial gain, provision or preparation of the additional value services to a third party regardless of whether for free or for fee
    • Defamation or any other act causing damages to assets, reputation or credibility of Sony India Group or a third party
    • Infringe copyrights, publicity rights, privacy rights or any other rights of Sony India Group or a third party;
    • Fraudulent use of Membership Card and Membership Number, or to allow a third party to use the same, or any other fraudulent use of the Services
    • Interfere in the services delivery by making excessively frequent inquiries
    • Unlawful possession of Substitute Equipment, if any, by not returning it as per guidelines
    • Solicitation or assistance of any of the acts above by a third party;
    • In addition to the acts above, acts that Sony India determines as inappropriate.
  • Sony India shall, at its own discretion, have the right to stop providing services to the member or to terminate the Service Agreement with a notice to Member if any of the following events occurs:
    • The member is in violation of any of the specified terms & Conditions
    • The member fails to or delays in returning the Substitute Equipment, if any.
  • Sony India may temporarily suspend all or a part of the Services without prior notice to members if any of the following events occurs:
    • Scheduled or emergency maintenance or construction of facilities necessary for providing the Services; or
    • Failure or become extremely difficult to provide Services due to power failure, earthquake, flood, tsunami, war, riot or any other act of God or any cause not attributable to Sony India and beyond its control
    • Inability to use the service or facility of a third party used in providing the Services
    • In addition to the events above, Sony India determines that suspension of all or a part of the Services is necessary due to operational, technical or any other reason.
  • Sony India shall have the right to have a third party (hereinafter “Contracted Third Party”) perform all or a part of the obligations necessary to provide the Services. Sony India will manage and supervise the Contracted Third Party on its own responsibility.
  • Sony India shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate, all or a part of the Services, without notice and without assigning reasons thereof. In the event the termination, member shall promptly return to Sony India the Membership Card, the Strap, and any unreturned Substitute Equipment, at its own expense.
  • Sony India shall revise/modify/change the terms as it deems necessary. The updated terms may be uploaded on the Website.
  • In the event the member uses the Services after the revision of the terms, such use shall be deemed as an acceptance by the member to the revision of the terms.
  • Any dispute between Sony India relating to the Services shall be submitted to the New Delhi Courts as the exclusive and agreed jurisdictional court of first instance.

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