Art of Storytelling n Wedding Films

Oct. 16, 2023 (11 a.m.) to (5:30 p.m.)

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Oct. 16, 2023 (11 a.m.) to (5:30 p.m.)


Hotel SVM Grand, Hyderabad

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Oct. 16, 2023


Learn what it takes to become successful wedding photographers and videographers in this 2 days wedding photography event. Experience and learn from our special guest speakers and Sony Artisans. Watch and learn how you can bring out the true emotions of couples to achieve the perfect shot. Get inspired by them as they share their success stories and valuable trade insights. Understand more on what it takes to excel in the highly competitive wedding photography industry. Put what you have learnt to the test with actual wedding shooting scenarios using Sony’s latest full frame mirrorless α cameras. Including the newly launched α7R V, the highly reviewed α7 series, the low light power house α7S III and not forgetting, the speed monster α1. Coupled with the power house trinity G-Master lenses SEL1635GM2, SEL2470GM2 and SEL70200GM2, be sure to immerse yourself in a captivating and enriching experience! To master the mesmerizing in depth gamut of camera from Mr. V V Ramana & Mr. Chandra Sekhar (Sony Artisans) from hardware to menu, a workshop hosted by Sony India


Hotel SVM Grand, Hyderabad

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