5 Quick Tips to be PRO at Wedding Photography

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PUBLISH DATE: Aug. 15, 2019

“We all have grown up in homes with beautiful timeless pictures of when our parents got married. And quite since then, we all have had dreams of how we are going to get clicked when it’s our time to get hitched.” Said a bride once, holding her mother’s wedding picture.

When you commit to picture someone’s wedding, you actually promise them to click & keep their wedding alive for ages to come. And to do so, you must remember 5 basic things:


You must always gather references to the shots the couple is looking forward to. Once done, you should compile these shots to a list so that you can check them off. Shots when bride’s signalling her bridesmaids or when the groom is sitting right next to his grandmother, holding her wrinkled hand are as important as the big-family shot. It’s a 21st century wedding after all!

2.Timing is everything

Sometimes to get a shot, you have to be a bit there. Clouding someone’s way. Which is ok. As long as you know you’re getting a good one. But you can’t get lucky all the time, for which you need to think a bit ahead of time. Timing, is everything. You must endeavour to get the right position for key moments and try not to come in between the conversations. Although when you’re in the course of taking a formal shot, be bold and ask for it. For they know, while they’re enjoying that wedding, you’re the one capturing them in all their glory.

3.Check the lighting before you shoot

Visiting the venue a few days before, around the same time as the actual wedding, can really be rewarding. This way you’re able to gauge the lighting situation, and be in-charge of it when the D-day comes. Make sure you take a note of every place you think you can take a pretty shot at, and do the bride-groom proud. When you score this point, you’ll be able to befriend the spot boys, get more equipment & accessories as per your need & of course come completely prepared for the shoot.

4.Burst mode shooting is a must

When you switch your camera to the continuous shooting mode, it takes a burst of photos in an instant. This way you’ll never miss a moment, whether you may or not have seen it. There are times when the groom & bride are winking at each other, right after that formal shot. And just because your camera is going to take another 3 seconds to get ready, you may miss that shot. But hey! With continuous shooting mode, you wouldn’t’. Because sometimes predictions fail, but predictive shots seldom do!

5.Don’t forget you’re at a wedding

Weddings are all about celebrating people. When you celebrate, you have fun. You smile more often and be a part of every laughter, loud, small or funny. Perhaps the best way to loosen people up is to smile as the photographer. For you know, it is contagious.

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