A6300 Review by The Wedding Filmer - A compact yet Powerful Camera

~ by The Wedding Filmer

PUBLISH DATE: Aug. 11, 2019

“For its price, it’s better than most professional cameras. It allows amateurs to shoot like professionals. And with the focus tracking option and the shot stabilizer, there’s hardly any room for human error.” - Vishal Punjabi (http://www.theweddingfilmer.co.in/)

Vishal Punjabi, the founder of The Wedding Filmer; and his crew are known for telling stories through their lens. They capture the minutest details, candid moments and all beautiful emotions that generally get missed in the wedding chaos. They make amazing memories of your special days. Memories you can preserve a lifetime.

And behind every successful filmer is that perfect camera that allows him to capture perfect cinematic shots and bring every moment alive. For the Wedding Filmer, A6300 is one of the cameras.

Let’s see what one of the most celebrated filmer has to say about this agile; 4K, high-speed compact yet powerful camera.

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