~ by Dhritiman Mukherjee

PUBLISH DATE: Nov. 29, 2019

Following the Baitball (Series - I)

Shot on Alpha 7R III along with FE 12-24 mm F4 G

For the Sony explorer, what matters most is a journey worth seizing. Dhritiman Mukherjee, a Sony Explorer, went to Baja Peninsula with his light weight Sony gear comprising of Alpha 9 , Alpha 7R III, 12-24 mm G Lens ,16-35 mm F4 lens ,100-400 G-master lens and 200-600 G Lens and he came back with an experience of his lifetime.

The State of Baja California has much to offer. From the prehistoric cave paintings to the serene beach air, everything is beautiful and breath-taking. For our explorer, it is the mysteries of Peninsula’s sea and majesties of its sea creatures that stayed within and resonated throughout.

“What was amazing about following the Baitballs in Pacific Ocean of Baja is every day we had full of drama in the ocean, both over and under the water surface. One can see Marlins, Sea lions attacking the Baitball underwater and pushing the fishes up while Frigate Bird Boobies and Pelicans are attacking them from the air. So it's full of actions.

I used the Alpha 7R III along with 12-24 mm G lens and 16-35 mm F4 lens for my underwater shoot this time. Earlier when I went for diving I used to carry gear for underwater shooting only and avoided keeping a second camera for capturing the actions above the sea surface. But these days I’m keeping the light weight and fast Sony 100-400 G-Master Lens or Sony G Lens 200-600 with a Sony Alpha 9 body in the boat so that I can use them in between my diving’s for capturing the action over sea surface. Because of this smart lightweight equipment, I’m not missing the actions anywhere, anymore “

-Dhritiman Mukherjee (Sony Explorer)

The Exotic Sea Creatures

Mystery, mystery, waiting to be unravelled!
Not many people know that Baja Peninsula is home to some of the most wonderful exotic sea creatures. These range from the incredible sailfish to the most attractive brown pelican one can ever come across! Exotic species such as the Marlin Sea Lion are not familiar with a lot of human traffic visiting their home. Yet, they seemed very comfortable with our explorer. The Sony Alpha 7R III with its exceptional low light performance helped our explorer to capture exceptional images underwater with a backdrop of crystal-clear sea.

Season of Sardine

The inquisitiveness of our explorer led him to the secret sardine run of Baja California. Additionally, the appeal of the seasonal run lied in the wonderful Sardine as well as Mackerel fish forming a baitball.

They can only be explored during this time of the year. This is the time when small Sardine & Mackerel fish reproduce and are available in huge numbers. One can see them collecting together to form baitballs and making it easier to be followed. Just as the food chain dictates, they soon become food for the other sea/land creatures.

Our explorer has beautifully captured those rare moments and the beauty of the same can be seen in these images shot using the Sony Gear.

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