Sony India launches G- Master lens- FE 35 mm F 1.4

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PUBLISH DATE: Feb. 4, 2021

Offering to deliver brilliant imaging technology solutions, Sony India is all set to launch the FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master lens.

This newest addition to the G Master full-frame lens series promises to deliver the first-class image quality and beautiful bokeh. The lightweight design is perfect for a wide range of uses such as shooting landscapes, portraits and street photography, for both stills and video.
Read along to know some of the amazing features of the FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master lens.

1. Outstanding resolution in a compact lens

Sony’s advanced optical design and manufacturing technology brings extraordinary resolution, beautiful bokeh, and precise focusing performance to a compact lens that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, weighing just 524 grams and measuring 3 inches dia. x 3 ⅞ inches (76 mm dia. x 96 mm) with a filter diameter of Φ67mm.

The FE 35mm F1.4 GM lens features advanced optical technology that delivers stunning contrast and superb resolution. It is equipped with two XA (extreme aspherical) elements, which effectively maintain excellent resolution throughout the image area. Thanks to an ED glass element and other optical refinements, the new FE 35mm F1.4 G Master performs well in difficult lighting by effectively suppressing chromatic aberration and purple fringing for breath-taking results.

2. Beautiful Bokeh

The FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master lens delivers an almost circular aperture thanks to its 11-blade construction – a rare level of quality for a compact lens. Spherical aberration control at both the design and the manufacturing stages contributes to beautiful bokeh – a signature characteristic of Sony’s G Master lens line up.

Two innovative XA elements contribute to impressive close-ups with smooth, creamy background bokeh. The combination of F1.4 maximum aperture and the flexibility to choose the perfect shooting distance (minimum focusing distance of just 10.6 inches (27cm) with a maximum magnification of 0.23x in autofocus mode) allows for ultimate control and stunning bokeh when shooting both stills and video.

3. Advanced Focus for Enhanced Imagery

Two of Sony’s XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors provide the high thrust efficiency needed for precise AF (autofocus) and tracking - resulting in outstanding resolution at any distance. State-of-the-art control algorithms, developed specifically for the XD Linear Motors, improve control response and precision while minimizing vibration and noise for fast, smooth and silent AF performance.

Another excellent feature is that advanced focusing can also be achieved when shooting at a higher frame rate.

Linear Response MF ensures the focus ring responds to subtle control when focusing manually and is ideal for creative focusing effects when shooting video. The focus ring rotation translates directly to a corresponding change in focus so that control feels immediate and precise.

4. Professional Control and Reliability

The FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master lens offers full professional control including an aperture ring with switchable click stops, a customizable focus hold button and a focus mode switch that all support smooth and efficient operation. The focus hold button can be assigned to several other functions via a camera body menu, providing direct access to functions that are vital to both photographers and videographers.

When mounted to an APS-C or Super 35 camera, the compact and lightweight FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master lens can be used as a standard lens equivalent to 52.5mm full-frame equivalent angle of view, making it the perfect choice for creating videos.

Additional video advantages include the de-clickable aperture, fast linear AF and linear response manual focus.

The FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master lens features a dust and moisture resistant design as well as a fluorine front element coating that repels water, oil and other contaminants.

Get ready to capture your subjects with extraordinary sharpness and clarity. Watch out this space to know when FE 35mm F 1.4 G-Master will be launched in India.

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