Sony releases new firmware version 2.0 for live streaming with NX80 and Z90

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PUBLISH DATE: May 22, 2020

Sony releases new firmware version 2.0 for live streaming with NX80 and Z90

The emergence of live streaming

The emergence of social media led to a boom in live streaming. As people got more involved and social media evolved, live streaming became the mainstream form of sharing content. It is considered easier for consumers to watch both user-generated and professionally made live video content. Initially, people used to set up their desktop computers to live stream. However, with an ever-growing need for people to consume as well as share such content, live streaming evolved.

At a time when the COVID 19 has gripped the world, staying inside homes is essential. Considering the popularity and growing demand for live streaming, we realised that it was time for our cameras and camcorders to be equipped with inbuilt wifi and capability to go live. Understanding the growing importance and social relevance of live streaming, we have launched a new firmware version 2.0 in the Sony NX80 and Z90.

What all is required for live streaming

· Camcorder- NX80/Z90

· Wi-Fi / cable

· URL / Stream key

How to do Live streaming

Step 1: Set WiFi Network

Step 2: Select WIFI menu

Step 3: Select Wi-Fi network

Step 4: ‘Hit’ Ok and wifi start registering to the camera

Step 5: Now go to the RTMP option

Step 6: Select Preset 1

Step 7: ENTER URL and STREM KEY for Social Media Account

Step 8: Hit Ok – Now video streaming Live on YouTube

Live streaming: Acknowledging the future of communication

We know what goes behind a live streaming session. Apart from sharing the joy of streaming live on social media, we want people using live streaming as a tool to have a great time. Understanding the challenges which users face, we have packed the camcorders with features that will make your recording sessions hassle-free. The new firmware version 2.0 in the Sony NX80 and Z90 has the following features which will make recording and sharing all types of content fun and easy.

1. A revolutionary imaging performance with Exmor RS-

We have upgraded the two camcorders with better image sensors. These, in turn, will offer you beautiful background bokeh defocus effects. They will also give you superior sensitivity to capture high-quality images with less noise and in brighter/ dark conditions.

2. RTMP/RTMPS Protocol feature

Understanding how important it is live stream through social media channels, we have upgraded our camcorders with an RTMP and RTMPS feature which allows you live stream on social media channels like Facebook and Youtube without any hassle.

3. An enhanced Fast Hybrid autofocus capture action-

This comprises of several features such as face detection, lock-on AF and much more. So that you can capture fast-moving subjects with amazing sharpness.

4. Auto Focus Creative Control-

Through this feature, you can set the speed at which the focus switches. You can keep it fast for a sports event and slow for shooting a movie or play.

5. You get to express your vision beyond real-time motion-

The High Frame Rate shots can turn everyday actions into slow-motion ballet.

6. Offers professional quality 4K (QFHD) and HD-

The palm-sized HXR-NX80, as well as Z90 camcorder, allows you to record a wide range of 4K and HD formats.

7. Networked for high mobility-

They come with 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi as standard. Which means you can simply turn on and log onto your preferred network to enable a host of advanced wireless production features.

8. Wide-angle zoom lens with great control-

The HXR-NX80 is ideal for capturing panoramic landscapes.

9. Dual XLR Inputs-

This feature ensures that you feel like a professional while recording and sharing content.

10. Remote operation-

One of the best features, this allows the HXR-NX80 to work on the remote interface.

Now you are free to record all that you want with the new firmware update on the Sony NX80 and Z90 camcorders. Happy live streaming!

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