The All-New Alpha Community: Faster & Friendlier

~ by Sony India

PUBLISH DATE: Sept. 5, 2019

We just can’t thank the users enough who have always been a constant support and inspiration in making the Alpha community bigger and stronger in India.  We have been running Alpha Community since March 2014 and are happy to have you all as our members for so many years.

For the last five years, ever year we have tried to take a step closer to improving the functionality of the community for the benefit of the users. This year too we welcomed the valuable feedback of our users and chose to revamp the website with more information and pictures.

What’s New in Alpha community?

  1. More mobile friendly and faster:
    The new website tends to deliver a speedier and much mobile friendly experience. Whether one is using a mobile phone or a desktop, organized galleries with square thumbnails provide a seamless scrolling experience.
  2. One stop solution for information with product details:
    The updated version will empower the user with detailed information about Sony products and various Sony artisans. A gallery with specific tabs that list out all the necessary details about the different artisans belonging to different categories of photography.
  3. Simpler login solution:
    The new website promotes the use of one-time password which makes login a much simpler process for all the Alpha users.
  4. Machine learning approach:
    The website has been integrated with a machine learning approach that delivers results which go beyond the search query.
  5. A platform for users:
    The new website not only aims to impart information but also focuses on growing bigger by providing users the opportunity to showcase their talent.

It’s the users only who have made Alpha what it is today and with these little changes, we aim to grow together and move towards to a new tomorrow.

Wising you the best
Sony India Alpha team

Sony India

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