Behind The Scenes Of A Dreamy Wedding

Capturing precious moments at weddings is an art like no other and pictures keep these precious memories alive throughout your lifetime. Over the years, wedding photography has become a significant part of Indian weddings, and it has seen a remarkable evolution. Though it started as a simple practice of documenting rituals, now wedding photography is a profound storytelling medium that is an artistic expression.

Sony Artisan Radhika Pandit provides her perspective on wedding photography, delving into both the technical aspects and the creative considerations behind her frames. Radhika relies on the Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM lens and FE 85mm F1.8 as her primary wedding photography gear. Additionally, she loves the versatility of the SEL35F18F and SEL20F18G, enabling her to seamlessly capture candid moments and a variety of shots without frequent lens changes.

Along with the equipment, the style of photography also differs from photographer to photographer. Talking about her photojournalistic style, Radhika shares that she uses a dynamic and candid approach to capture moments as they unfold to tell a story through her lens.

Capturing Emotions, Creating Memories:
How wide-angle lens plays a vital role

When it comes to wedding photography, she loves the play of foreground and background with the wide lens as it helps to capture the entire wedding venue and its surroundings, providing context to the event. It's great for showcasing beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture. These lenses beautifully weave a broader story by including more elements in a single frame and allow her to capture both the couple and the emotional reactions of the guests, providing a more comprehensive view of the event's atmosphere.

Radhika utilizes Sony SEL35F18F and SEL20F18G lenses for their wide-angle capabilities, ideal for capturing the energetic ambiance of Indian weddings, especially on dance floors, at parties, and during other lively moments throughout the celebration.

Wide-angle lenses prove advantageous in dimly lit settings often found in wedding venues, particularly during dance performances. The undeniable versatility of these lenses proves invaluable throughout weddings, effortlessly transitioning from capturing the venue to seizing candid moments and portraits, allowing for a diverse array of shots without the need for frequent lens changes. These lenses offer a spectrum of composition choices, empowering the photographer to select the most fitting composition for each unique moment.

Capturing Precious Memories:
Role played by the telephoto lens

Radhika adeptly employs a duo of lenses to masterfully capture diverse perspectives in a scene. Wide-angle lenses facilitate the encapsulation of every candid moment, ensuring a comprehensive portrayal. Similarly, when the need arises to emphasize distant action with superior quality and immediacy, Radhika turns to the telephoto lens. In the intricate setting of a wedding, the telephoto lens zeroes in on intimate details, showcasing the vital elements that weave together the narrative of these cherished moments with precision and clarity.

Role of two cameras in capturing
wedding with perfection

Radhika uses Sony α7R IV and α7R cameras which gives her immense flexibility in covering the wedding. Accompanied by wide-angle and telephoto lenses, one can simultaneously capture diverse perspectives of the same scene. Quickly switching between cameras instead of changing lenses frequently adds to her efficiency and speed as a photographer. "This saves time during critical moments, ensuring I don't miss important shots", says Radhika. The use of two lenses also ensures seamless transition between wide shots to close-ups or vice versa without disrupting the flow of the event. This provides a smooth storytelling experience in the final collection. Using both lenses allowed her to tell a more comprehensive and engaging story of the wedding. Different situations call for different perspectives.

The use of different lenses gives Radhika a chance to incorporate different photography styles into the shoot, such as photojournalistic, portrait, landscape, and more. This variety adds richness and depth to the wedding photo album. In case of technical issues with one camera or lens, having a second camera with a different lens ensures that a professional photographer can continue shooting without any disruptions. While all these technicalities matter, what really brings the pictures alive is the vision and intent of the wedding photographer. A wedding photographer is a storyteller with an innate ability to see and seize moments that go unnoticed by others. Their keen eye for detail allows them to encapsulate the emotions, the love, and the unscripted instances that define a wedding day. The technological assistance they have with the latest products by Sony adds up to their skills and indeed plays an important role in modern day wedding photography.

Indian weddings are also very diverse, and this acts both as a challenge and opportunity for wedding photographers. They must be adaptable, culturally sensitive, and skilled in a variety of photography styles to capture the true essence of these diverse celebrations. But what remains constant in every wedding is the idea of telling the couple’s story while showcasing the best photography skills.

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