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#CreatewithSony Summary

Create with Sony

Make the most of your lockdown time- Observe the nature and everyday things around you, capture them through your camera lenses and share them with us. Explore your creative potential in these times with us and get a chance to get your work featured on our page. All you need to do is tag us and share your entries using #CreateWithSony on Instagram.

Our expert visual storytellers

Get to know how each of our Sony artisans, who are experts in visual storytelling, capture pictures during these uncertain times. Using minimalistic set-up and natural light, they venture into the world of their domestic lives to capture the beauty in everyday subjects.

“Let’s reverse the time. Going back in time is always a fascinating subject. Is it really possible? Can we go back and change a series of things in life? The basic answer is NO. So remember live your present in manner, where you never feel to reverse the time.” – Hridgandha Mistry #CreatorwithSony

Gear used by our experts

Instagram Posts

"Trying hands on Macro photography at home, Leaf Venation Macro photos." - Kedar Bhatt #CreatorwithSony

Gear used by our experts

Instagram Posts

A platform for your art

The amazing pictures which each one of you clicks gets space on our Instagram page. Stay tuned as we unroll the entries shared by you using the #CreateWithSony.

Learn with Sony video tutorials

Creativity is when you step out of your comfort zone. Make the most of your time with us. Get to learn a few tricks as we unroll videos related to different types of photography, camera gear, artisan experience and filmography.

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