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Sound quality plays a vital role in the perceived standard of movies.

Viewers judge movies based on sound as well as vision, so don't overlook the importance of audio. High-quality sound provides a clear "voice" for you and your friends, while the dynamic sounds of animals and nature create vivid impressions. Well-balanced audio and imagery help deliver the enjoyment, surprise and emotional impact of any scene.


Introducing Shotgun Microphone ECM-G1 | Sony | Accessory

The ECM-G1 is a compact shotgun microphone, super-cardioid pickup for front-focused audio capture. Large-diameter (14.6 mm) microphone unit, enabling clear sound collection while suppressing noise. Captures human voices in a clear and easily audible manner, perfect for vlogging and live streaming. With a compatible camera with a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe gives you the luxury of cable-free connection.