α1 with superb resolution and speed


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The Field Is Set With Sony Alpha 1- Team Photography Vs Team Videography

The real magic happens when you get the liberty to switch from photos to videos effortlessly and quick. Watch Sudhir and Sandesh explore the capabilities of Sony Alpha 1 out in the wild. Get the thrill as we see them capture the incredible moments with the remarkable Sony Alpha 1.

Alpha 1 Photo Gallery

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Resolution and speed

50.1 megapixels at up to 30 frames/second

The α1 offers an extraordinary combination of high resolution and blazing speed. Ultra-fast readout from the 50.1-MP sensor allows continuous bursts at up to 30fps with AF and AE tracking using the electronic shutter. Perfect for sports or any situation where the critical action is over in an instant.

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Best in class Features

50.1 megapixel Exmor RS™ image sensor

The α1 features a full-frame stacked back-illuminated CMOS Exmor RS™ sensor with 50.1 effective megapixels and integrated memory. In addition to delivering outstanding image quality, this allows the α1 to shoot continuously at up 30 frames per second while offering fast, precise phase-detection AF and top-quality 8K movies with full-frame 8.6K oversampling for the first time in the α series. Unprecedented performance for a new era of image making.

Blackout-free shooting

The α1 viewfinder does not black out when an exposure is made, so you have an uninterrupted view that allows smooth, seamless framing and tracking, even during continuous shooting. High readout speed from the new image sensor makes it possible to refresh the live-view EVF display 240 times per second while shooting continuous bursts, overcoming the distracting time lag that is usually associated with EVF viewing. (A) Blackout-free Shooting (B) Shooting with blackouts

Stunning realism with 8K 30p movies

For the first time in the α series, the α1 offers 8K 30p XAVC HS recording with 8.6K oversampling for extraordinary resolution and realism. Combined with superior α1 AF, gradation, and colour reproduction performance, 8K resolution brings the world to life. 8K footage is also ideally suited to flexible 4K editing. Low-bit-rate proxy files with HD resolution can be recorded simultaneously with 8K.

New Real-time Eye AF bird mode

In addition to Real-time Eye AF for humans and animals, the α1 employs high-level subject recognition technology to provide Real-time Eye AF for birds. Select the bird to be tracked, and the camera will automatically detect and focus on that bird's eye, whether the bird is still or in flight. Optimised algorithms ensure that tracking is maintained even if a sitting bird suddenly takes flight, or the framing suddenly changes31.

S-Cinetone for that expressive cinematic look

The α1 includes S-Cinetone, the same colour matrix that produces the highly regarded FX9 and FX6 colour and skin tones. Based on technology acquired through development of Cinema Line cameras such as VENICE, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones that are essential to healthy-looking skin colour, plus soft colours and gorgeous highlights. S-Cinetone responds to a growing need for more expressive depth.

Anti-flicker shooting with electronic shutter

High-speed readout from the new image sensor has made it possible to provide Anti-flicker Shooting with an electronic shutter for the first time. This enables blackout-free shooting, up to 120 AF/AE tracking calculations per second, up to 30fps continuous shooting, silent shooting, and other advantages of the electronic shutter without flicker issues when shooting under fluorescent, LED, or other flicker-prone types of artificial light. Anti-flicker [1] ON [2] OFF

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