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ILME-FX6 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 4.00 (SD card/CFexpress card)

  • Adds support for Movie file names in the Camera ID + Reel# format.
  • Adds a function that displays De-squeeze (2.0x, 1.3x) in the viewfinder and HDMI output.
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Image sensor with blazing fast readout speed

The full-frame, back-illuminated, 10.2-megapixel2 Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor offers impressive light-gathering capability. Fast readout speeds and a dynamic range of 15+ stops1 deliver superb image quality with wide sensitivity and reduced noise.

Acclaimed cinematic colour with S-Cinetone

The inclusion of Sony's acclaimed S-Cinetone look, inherited from the development of the FX9, allows beautiful images to be achieved directly in-camera. S-Cinetone is optimised for natural skin tones and mid-range colours, with gentle highlight roll-off.

Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection AF

For reliable focusing on people, especially in unpredictable shooting environments such as news gathering, event and documentary shooting, powerful Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection AF are built in. The real-time processing capability of the BIONZ XR image processing engine automatically maintains accurate eye focus on faces.

S-Log3 for better reproduction of gradations

S-Log3 gamma curves are available, with S-Log3 designed for better reproduction of gradations from shadows to the mid-grey range (18% grey), enabling a dynamic range of up to 15+ stops. Two colour gamut settings (S-Gamut3, and S-Gamut3.Cine) make it easier to match the colours of footage shot with Sony's Cinema Line Cameras.

Recording movies with 10-bit depth and 4:2:2 colour sampling

The FX6 is capable of 4K internal recording, encoding 10-bit depth and 4:2:2 colour sampling with All-Intra compression. This makes it possible to push your colour grades further, stretching video out for ultimate HDR realism while still retaining natural gradation, for true editing freedom.

16-bit RAW data output

Facilitating improved image quality and more flexible and efficient editing in post-production, the camera supports 16-bit RAW data output to an external recorder via SDI. RAW video output is 4096 x 2160 or 3840 x 2160 data from the image sensor with a choice of 59.94 / 50 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98 frame rates.

Sony's powerful electronic Variable ND Filter built in

The revolutionary electronic Variable ND Filter controls the opacity of the neutral filter seamlessly from 1/4 to 1/128 ND to achieve unmatched creative control and fluidity. Unique to Sony, it can manually or automatically adjust exposure without affecting the depth of field or shutter angle, letting you achieve perfect exposure even moving between different environments such as from indoors to out.

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The FX6 Cinema Line Camera puts revolutionary compactness and performance in the hands of creators, with its full-frame image sensor and breathtaking sensitivity. Leading-edge movie functions deliver game-changing performance and a library of cinematic looks, alongside pro interfaces and an electronic Variable ND Filter. Note: Operation of this equipment in a residential environment could cause radio interference.

Full-frame performance with high sensitivity and preset cinematic looks

Leading-edge movie functions including Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection

4K (QFHD) high-frame-rate 120fps recording

Built-in electronic Variable ND Filter

Cinematic colour science with S-Cinetone


35 mm full-frame, single-chip CMOS image sensor


Approx. 12.9 megapixels (total), Approx. 10.2 megapixels (effective)


ISO 800/12800 (Cine EI mode, D55 Light source)


Clear, linear variable ND (1/4 ND to 1/128 ND)


CFexpress Type A / SD card (x2), Slot B can be used for saving configuration data.


8.8 cm (3.5 type), Approx. 2.76 M dots

Recommended Accessories and Lenses