Alpha Classroom for Photography Tutorials

We, at Sony, believe that continuous innovation is what keeps the world alive. That is why we keep our technology on-the-edge, all the while listening to the needs of the hour. But, while technology might be advancing at a rapid pace, it remains to be seen whether everyone get a fair shot at creation, beating the odds of keeping up with changing technology, getting their hands on the right gear and most importantly, understanding photography concepts lucidly.

#AlphaClassroom is our humble attempt at putting more power in the hands of the creators. It is a series of photography tutorials where experts will take you through the nuances of photography, advise you on the right gear and help you explore your creative potential to reach its fullest expression. Come, learn with us and together, we will conquer the world of your dreams.

Message from the Alpha Team

We, at Sony, are constantly innovating and working towards bringing technology that fulfils the needs of our customers so that they can realize their creative vision to deliver what they desire. We are constantly listening to our customers and striving to bring innovations to the market, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technology. The intent to enable the Alpha community to unlock the true potential of the camera in their hands is the mantra behind “Alpha Classroom” – a series of tutorials by industry experts and artisans who will take budding photographers through the basics of photography and help them break through existing boundaries. ~ Mr Mukesh Srivastava, Head of Digital Imaging Business at Sony India

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