Course: Basics of Cinematography

Learn how to control the presentation of images in visual storytelling

Total of 5 video lessons

Duration 47 minutes

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Cinematography defines how a certain situation is to be depicted on the screen to the audience, and the cinematographer is the one who brings the image to life. When selecting and enhancing lens choice, angle width, or another visual element, the director of photography is a key player. "Basics of Cinematography" is just the right course for you to study if you've been interested in learning what it takes to efficiently play this role. Welcome to Season 2 of Alpha Classroom, where DoP and Cinematographer Premal Raval will mentor you in learning the fundamentals of cinematography and additional details necessary to improve your skills in visual storytelling. This action-packed course is a must for filmmaking enthusiasts to help and enable you to add intriguing perspectives and angles to a scene.