How Sony gear played an integral part in my 10-year-old journey with TWF

~ by Vishal Punjabi

PUBLISH DATE: May 11, 2020

How Sony gear played an integral part in my 10-year-old journey with TWF

Beginning of a long friendship

Vishal Punjabi started The Wedding Filmer in 2010. Born out of a love for capturing the minutest details of a wedding, he has completed a decade in his venture. Apart from this great milestone, he also opens up about his lovely association with Sony and its gear.

Highlighting why he befriended us, Vishal says that it is Sony’s belief to constantly reinvent the products, as well as incorporate the suggestions made to us by the videographers. He also fondly recounts how he used to meet with our technology team from Japan every year.

Appreciating our working style, he says that, it is the way we foster our team, constantly listening to consumers which strengthened his trust in our gear.

These are some of the reasons why he would never turn to any other camera company.

Pursuing his passion for capturing videos with Sony

It has been a steady relationship with our gear, says Vishal.

Talking about his journey with us, Vishal emphasizes that we make the best mirrorless cameras. Calling our gear highly reliable, he finds them lightweight and easy to carry around during his projects.

Mentioning how he finds our gear extremely useful, he says that it has been designed to fit perfectly in a videographer’s hands when they are shooting long hours, without a break as we do at the Indian wedding ceremonies.

Especially when a photographer is filming an important moment at a ceremony, every second count. Talking about his experience of using the full range of E-mount lenses, Vishal shares that it has helped him to seamlessly change lenses. He also shared his views about the G Master lenses, he said that it allows videographers to mimic visuals that feel like the movies. Along with this, the low light capability of the Sony cameras has allowed him to film in less than ideal lighting conditions and obtain great footage of even dimly lit events like after-parties.

Talking about the agility and flexibility of Sony cameras, he says that whenever he has been confronted with a situation where it was hard to get close to a subject, the tiltable screen has helped him to work. It also helped him to work on a steady camera.

All along the journey with Sony gear, he came to realize that the Eye Auto-Focus feature of the Sony cameras has allowed him to film every special moment in perfect focus.

His favourite Sony gear

He shares how he has always been enamoured by the depth, distance and drama Sony G master lens range allowed him to capture wedding shots. Calling himself the biggest fan of G Master lenses, he shared that he has been using the full range of G master lenses to cover weddings for a long time.

In all the weddings he has covered with the Sony gear, there has never been a moment where he regretted using it. He points out how missing out on any moment during the wedding ceremonies is a nightmare for every wedding videographer. Understanding this key aspect of wedding filming, he has since then been using the Sony cameras and lenses.

Talking about how he found One mount feature relevant and reliable, Vishal says that since all Sony cameras are built on E-mount lenses, it gives them the one mount advantage. This also saves time for videographers while changing lenses as well as saves precious packing space on adaptor mounts. Most importantly, ever since Sony has started making their lenses, the number of gear videographers now need to pack for each wedding has reduced by half!

Out of all the cameras, Vishal says that it is the Sony Alpha 7 III mirrorless camera is his favourite.

A glimpse of Vishal’s friendship with the outstanding features of Sony gear

He also shared that the slow-motion feature is his favourite feature on our camera.

Elaborating on how he uses it, he explains that if you are using the slow-motion feature in the Alpha series, you can easily turn to the S&Q (Slow and Quick) on the camera for more drama and flare. During his journey, Vishal also opens up about how he has learnt from his mistakes. He shares how to use the S&Q feature.

All videographers/photographers must keep in mind that when filming S&Q, you are not recording any sound. So one must not forget to shift back to normal shoot mode if they are shooting speeches or interviews right after. The S&Q feature on the FS series comes with an added advantage- the end trigger. This way you can shoot the exact moment you want to slow down after it occurs! This feature saves time in postproduction.

Concluding his brief love note about his journey with Sony gear, he says that one of the best parts about Sony gear is its custom buttons can be personalised to individual preference. These allow videographers/photographers to keep features they frequently use at their fingertips. While covering weddings, he found it easy to switch from FF to APSC in a matter of seconds, allowing him to get two magnifications with the press of a button without so much as changing a lens. For all the wedding videographers and photographers, one must know that often the window to capture a magical moment is just a few seconds. With the Sony in his hand, Vishal has always felt confident and this, in turn, has led him to push the envelope and strive for the best.

We congratulate Vishal and his team for completing a decade in the industry. This journey with The Wedding Filmer has been remarkable. We wish he continues to pursue his passion for photography as well as continues a long and healthy relationship with us.

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