How to Shoot Great Monsoon Photos

~ by Dheeraj Paul

PUBLISH DATE: Aug. 13, 2019

How to Shoot Great Monsoon Photos
Sony SEL2470GM Lens
Shot by SEL2470GM lens

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One of the most mesmerizing seasons for passionate photographers is Monsoon. This is the time of the year when, each photographer finds his/ her peace in drenched leaves, damped streets, colourful umbrellas and portraits. Here are a few tips to make this season of wide genres, last forever:

  1. Step out of your comfort zone to get some fascinating shots, this monsoon.
  2. Don’t restrict yourself to a specific Focal Length. Try to use different lenses to give your album a unique perspective. For instance, choose:
    • Wide angle lens to capture the busy streets
    • Long tele-lens for portraits
  3. Pick your Sony Alpha to get some of the must haves:
    • The delightful side of architecture photography
    • The white cotton-like clouds up in the sky complimenting all kinds of foregrounds
    • Reflections in the water from a low angle - the perfect vantage point to click dramatic and unique images
    • Rainbows (if you’re lucky enough) that complement landscapes and city-spaces
  4. Go natural with soft and subtle light. It’s perfect for portraits.
  5. Try the 1/30 sec and 1/60 sec of shutter speed, they’re ideal to capture shots in rains.
  6. Enhance saturation using the Polariser Filter. It helps you capture clear and glare free water-bodies.

Must try:

  • Picture effect and Creative style - make any dull looking shot brighter & richer
  • POP effect and Vivid mode - bring out the punch while capturing in overcast/ dull weather


  1. Camera
  2. Full frame & APSC equipment for shooting in monsoon:
    • A7RM2 with FE 24-70mm
    • F: 2.8 Gmaster | FE 85mm | f:1.8 Gmaster
    • A6500 with E 16-70mm
    • F: 4 Z
  3. Equipment safety
    • Try shooting from inside your vehicle to keep your equipment safe. If by any chance it gets wet, remove the battery at once, wipe it with soft dry cloth and keep it at a dry place for a while.
  • Check List
    • Camera, lenses
    • Extra batteries
    • Memory cards
    • Cloth to wipe equipment
    • Plastic bags or rain covers to protect camera and other equipment
    • An umbrella or rain coat, if you want to take pictures while it’s raining
    • Filter to protect lens from rain
    • Polariser filter
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    Story Stats & Gear Used:

    Main image stats:

    Shutter Speed 2584963/1000000
    Model ILCE-7RM2
    ISO 50
    Focal Length 240/10
    Lens FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM
    Aperture 8918863/1000000
    Exposure 1/6

    Sony Alpha 7R II Full-frame Mirrorless camera - Made for professionals.


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