The Light of Love

~ by Amar Ramesh

PUBLISH DATE: July 2, 2019

Couple Wedding Photography With Sony SEL1635GM Lens
Sony SEL1635GM Lens
Shot by SEL1635GM lens

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The magic of a photographer

A photographer is a poet who romanticizes on behalf of its subject, witnessing its joy and celebration. In the process of poetry with photography, I believe in not changing the essence of a situation by manipulating its originality, I wanted to create an aura of love when I took this shot - it was extremely low light and I wanted to shoot this as wide as possible. As one can see in the picture that entrance aisle has grandeur which has been kept subtle and adding anything in form of light would have spoiled it.

The entrance also narrates the hues of warm and welcoming tones; it has the aura of transformation, taking one towards the hospitality of your host.

How to take a shot like this?

I decided to shoot the couple by placing them in the Centre of entrance, which was well-lit by the outside ambient light. It played as a nice highlight in my frame. I was on Sony Alpha A9 and a 1635mm G Master lens (SEL1635GM). Sensational details created a magical story. To get all the details and high depth of field, I had to use a high F value and nothing less than F4, which would make my shot further dark as it was a low light situation, thanks to the overwhelming 5-axis image stabilization, which gave me a leeway to shoot as slow as 1/30 of sec. In this picture, lines play an important role - they take you to the subject, Kaushik & Mounika, rightly called as leading lines. Any photographer shooting on wide-angle lens has to struggle with the lens barrel distortion, which bends these leading lines. Shooting on G Master lens was a safe option as the distortion was minimal.

Why I chose G Master lens

The Sony Alpha A9 and SEL1635GM’s combination satisfies the creative conscience of photographer, with maximum Dynamic Range & all the highlights in the shadows captured. Even using ISO as high as 4000 and auto white balance, I was able to get noise free & vivid pictures.

Amar Ramesh - Wedding Photographer

About Amar Ramesh

Amar quit his job an engineer to pursue his passion for photography. What began as a photo journey of the temples of India, by happenstance became wedding photography. Studio A, Amar's brainchild, is now a sought after wedding photography stu... Read more

Story Stats & Gear Used:

Main image stats:

Shutter Speed (6965784, 1000000)
Aperture (2970854, 1000000)
Model ILCE-9
Exposure (1, 125)
ISO 4000
Lens FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM
Focal Length (160, 10)

Sony Alpha 9 Full-frame Mirrorless camera - Made for professionals.


Premium G Master Series wide-angle zoom lens and smooth bokeh

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