The Story of a Bride

~ by V. V. Ramana

PUBLISH DATE: July 5, 2019

Bridal Photoshoot With Sony SEL85F14GM Lens
Sony SEL85F14GM Lens
Shot by SEL85F14GM lens

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" You are alive in the woman who watches you materialize into her newer self, every passing second. You are alive in a visual memoir that’s grand enough to love life in all its detail."

Wedding Bells: The still point of the turning world

Is it possible to capture love in a photograph? Is it possible to capture the feelings that a bride has during her wedding, in a video? Thirty years from now, her wedding photographs and videos should bring back a rush of memories of her wedding ceremony that she shared with her family and closest friends. For a wedding photojournalist, to ace a wedding shoot comes with this responsibility.

A good photo shoot captures the pomp and show of weddings, the glamour, exaggerated feasts, relatives, celebrations, culture, designer couture, music and dance, but a brilliant shoot comes with a purpose — to embed their story deep inside them.

A unique challenge

A brilliant picture digs deeper, so that everything that has ever happened in the bride’s life comes alive, and a whole world unto itself – scenes, words, images – unspool. Each genre of photography deserves a dedicated specimen that has its own eye for things around; a set of lenses and cameras. The photographer’s adventure begins by the way of experimentations, by building a harmonious relationship between his tools and his artistic inclinations.

Sony set of cameras and lenses, especially A9 full-frame Mirrorless camera with SEL85F14GM lens, is a relief to the storyteller because of its lightweight body and miraculous picture quality in terms of sharpness and clarity of colours. It offers an expert; everything a wedding photographer is looking for, including Live-View to tilt-able LCD, allowing you to shoot all those difficult angles, reflecting on the subjects own story.

The revolution called G-Master

A brilliant lens plays an even more important role for me than a great camera, to help me click magnificent images. I was aware that cameras are evolving year-on-year in terms of megapixel counts. What about lenses, though? I was introduced to G-Master lenses two years back. G-master is truly made with a futuristic outlook, which can be an enabler and a performer, even for higher megapixel cameras. When I started using these lenses, it pleasantly surprised me with the details!

85 mm F1.4 G-Master: The perfect-portrait master

The 85 mm F1.4 lens is my favourite to capture a portrait that’s the closest to perfection. Its low aperture value of up to F1.4 ensures that it’s effective even in low light conditions and that it renders a unique sharpness to the subject’s picture. Its power to capture all the details, including jewellery and the intriguing handwork of sari is incomparable. The way this lens creates soft, smooth Bokeh is just like cream beautifully blending in milk; all while keeping a sharp focus on the subject. That is when you really fall in love with this lens.

I consider it as one of the best portrait lenses I have ever used. Its autofocusing power is effortlessly smooth, fast and quick beyond imagination–simply put, a treasure itself! A silent autofocus makes it an even more sought after asset as it keeps the audio clean while shooting. Besides aptly proving to be the best companion when it comes down to multi-tasking, it is also brilliant at being sensational with its lens for, both, stills as well as videos.

Partner for the work of a lifetime

Breathtaking pictures and shoots are noble, varied, patterned and beautiful stories. It is part memory, part reality. The marriage of A9 cameras with G-master lenses is that of a lifetime for me to capture weddings with the same passion as ever.

V. V. Ramana - Wedding Photographer

About V. V. Ramana

At a time when professional photography was still breaking new ground in Southern India, Ramana took his expertise and equipment into the action to share a story with the world. What resulted was a strong passion manifested into a dream job for hi... Read more

Story Stats & Gear Used:

Main image stats:

Shutter Speed (7321928, 1000000)
Aperture (970854, 1000000)
Model ILCE-9
Exposure (1, 160)
ISO 640
Lens FE 85mm F1.4 GM
Focal Length (850, 10)

Sony Alpha 9 Full-frame Mirrorless camera - Made for professionals.


Premium G Master series Mid-range telephoto prime.

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