Unfolding the romantic side of photography

~ by Amar Ramesh

PUBLISH DATE: Sept. 30, 2019

Couple Photoshoot With Sony SEL1635GM Lens
Sony SEL1635GM Lens
Shot by SEL1635GM lens

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Love, light and lens

Cupid had already done its job, now it was time to tell a love tale through my lens. A romance which emanates from the picture at the very first glance. Being a photographer, I may fall short of words but the lens and the light really motivated me in painting this endearing picture of love.

A picture-perfect affair

The bond of mutual admiration for each other would become more visible when both would come together in one frame, the groom standing in the front and the bride swaying behind in the same line with a backdrop of the dramatic sky. In order to make that happen, the wide angle lens Sony G- Master 16-35 mm was the perfect bet as it not only covered all the three elements seamlessly but despite the dynamic skies and low-light condition, its F2.8 aperture too delivered the same level of output even at ISO 100.

Though the bride was moving while the groom stood still, it was the ability of the lens that helped in adjusting and maintaining the focus with precision. Mirroring range of shadows and highlights can be difficult but not in the presence of the Sony G Master Series lens.

The transition of hues from west to east horizon has been captured beautifully. Along with the lens, the Sony Alpha 7M3’s body enables best in class dynamic range. Also, perfect lighting conditions, warm mood, scenic backdrop and palpable chemistry between the couple, there’s nothing more that could have made this picture better.

Making the moment memorable

This picture portrays lovers to be each other’s nucleus even in a background of fading skies, highlighting the highs and lows of life. Being patient and maintaining stability at the same time is vital for the perfect picture.

The lightweight build and rotational screen of the camera were surprisingly convenient to manoeuvre through the fast changing lighting condition.

With a shutter speed of 1/200, all the elements in the picture were beautifully captured without any motion blur which makes this shot flawless.

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Amar Ramesh - Wedding Photographer

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Amar quit his job an engineer to pursue his passion for photography. What began as a photo journey of the temples of India, by happenstance became wedding photography. Studio A, Amar's brainchild, is now a sought after wedding photography stu... Read more

Story Stats & Gear Used:

Main image stats:

ISO 100
Model ILCE-7M3
Lens fe16-35mmf2.8gm
Focal Length 35 mm
Exposure 1/200 sec

Sony Alpha 7 III Full-frame Mirrorless camera - Made for professionals.


Premium G Master Series wide-angle zoom lens and smooth bokeh

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