~ by Sunny Dhanjal

PUBLISH DATE: Jan. 16, 2020

Wedding Photography With Sony SEL85F14GM Lens
Sony SEL85F14GM Lens
Shot by SEL85F14GM lens

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It’s her day

This is a predominant rule that every wedding photographer should chant before starting any wedding shoot. ‘It is her day’. Visualisation of this grand event must have started when she was a little girl, even before she knew the essence of the day; surely much before meeting her groom to be. Every little detail, every little decision that came forth has been part of an extensive process of dreaming, hoping and planning. And today, it is her day, and everything should be absolutely perfect.

It is my job to capture these moments that will become memories woven into eternity.

Face in Focus

My focus for this angle, was on her gracefully shut eyes and calm and confident face. In order to focus on her face, I have used portrait lens with 85 mm F1.4 G-master. Everything else was made out of focus. I ensured that her face, it gets utmost attention. The lens’ capability to deliver outstanding sharpness and dissolving the rest of the frame to magnificent bokeh has made the image even more beautiful.

And on top of it, Sony Nano AR Coating is able to eliminate flare and ghosting to keep focus on the subject, keeping all eyes on her!

Capturing her Uniqueness

The culturally significant singaar is an essential element of a bride’s overall look. The ‘Soleh Singaar’ are the distinguishing fundamentals, part of a bride’s ornamentation. Although these set of codes apply to all yet each and every one of them have a unique beauty. Be it different jewellery, different make up, a different expression or a different stance; No two brides are the same.

It is therefore my responsibility to ensure that the photographs is able to capture this uniqueness without compromising with sharpness and/or colour. The advantage of this lens is that the Three ED glass elements support the lens’s outstanding resolving power by suppressing chromatic aberration. Hence, the picture looks more natural with realistic colours. Nothing artificial or arbitrary, everything as it is.

When she looks Back

The bride is ready. I guided her with her posture and angle. I wanted her eyes to be closed with a faint smile. The angle that I wanted was a top shot, and tilting a heavy camera is too much of a risk. Thus, I specifically used Sony Alpha 7M3 which has tilt-able screen & the best part is its very light weight. I could see the complete frame without too much physical movement of my arm. Accordingly, the photograph turned out to be exactly like I planned it.

I have always believed that a job well done is when a photograph clicked by me brings happiness to one’s home. On days she looks back and remembers all the preparatory chaos, I hope she will look at this photo and regain warmth, reminisce the surreal contentment captured and realise;

Dreams do come true!

Sunny Dhanjal - Wedding Photographer

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Story Stats & Gear Used:

Main image stats:

Model ILCE-7RM3
Lens FE 85mm F1.4 GM
ISO 100

Sony Alpha 7R III Full-frame Mirrorless camera- Made for professionals.


Premium G Master series Mid-range telephoto prime.

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