World's First1 Eight Audio Recording Modes

Combining versatility and compactness, the ECM-M1 excels in delivering exceptional sound quality. Utilizing beamforming technology and advanced digital processing, this microphone offers eight audio recording modes, including stereo, ensuring outstanding versatility and superb sound reproduction across various video shooting scenarios.


Eight audio recording modes in one versatile microphone

Beamforming technology combines four discrete microphone capsules with precision algorithms, to maximise pickup sensitivity in the desired directions while reducing it in others. The result is an incredibly compact and versatile microphone with high performance even in challenging audio environments.

Intuitive directivity selector dial

A dial that allows easy, intuitive selection of pickup patterns is provided on the rear of the microphone. Simply align the dial pointer with the desired pickup pattern. A lock button in the centre of the dial allows the dial to be locked to prevent accidental changes.

Four-channel recording supported

The ECM-M1 supports four-channel recording on compatible cameras, with channels 3 and 4 able to make omnidirectional backup safety recordings. These channels can record safety tracks in omnidirectional mode (fixed for channel 3 and –20 dB4 fixed for channel 4) while the main audio is recorded to channels 1 and 2 using the selected directivity pattern.

Internal digital noise cut filter for clear recording

Distracting continuous background noise is effectively suppressed by a digital noise-cut filter for clear sound recording. A low-cut filter is also provided to reduce wind noise, the hum of air conditioning and other low-frequency vibration. Suppressing noise at the recording stage reduces workload during post processing, enhancing overall efficiency.

Direct digital audio transfer for high-quality sound

When mounted on a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe equipped with a digital audio interface, the audio signal is directly transmitted to the camera in the digital domain. No signal degradation occurs, so audio quality remains pristine.

Simple switch operation

Comprehensive, clearly marked controls make it easy to adjust and confirm all microphone settings at a glance for worry-free operation.