Compact portable streaming microphone for high-quality sound

The ECM-S1 Wireless Streaming Microphone provides clear, low-noise, high-quality digital sound recording in a compact, lightweight unit. It offers both wireless and wired connections, providing high-quality audio to a wide range of devices.


High-quality microphone capsules for clear voice recording

Despite its compactness and light weight, the ECM-S1 is equipped with three large-diameter (14 mm) microphone capsules that provide clear, high-quality sound recording with a flat frequency response, particularly in the low-mid-range voice band, while suppressing noise. Great sound quality makes a huge contribution to the overall impression made on viewers by well-produced video.

Low intrinsic noise levels deliver clear sound

The low intrinsic noise and wide dynamic range of the microphone allow clear capture of even low-level sound. Designed for streaming, the microphone is tuned particularly to capture the rich textures of the human voice near the mouth clearly and naturally.

Directivity selectable to suit the scene

Three directional sound capture modes are provided: Uni-directional, Omni-directional, and Stereo. A switch on the side of the microphone allows the user to select the appropriate directivity for the current scene or usage situation.

Noise-suppressing filter functions

A digital noise-cut filter removes persistent background noise, and a low-cut filter on the microphone side reduces unwanted low-frequency sound from wind, air conditioning, and vibration. Less noise reduction is needed post-production, improving workflow efficiency.

Microphone audio input/output via 3.5-mm mini jack (stereo)

A 3.5-mm mini jack (stereo) is provided for audio output from the receiver, allowing use with cameras, PCs, IC recorders, and other devices not equipped with a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe.

Compact, lightweight body design

The ECM-S1 comprises compact and lightweight1 microphone/transmitter and receiver units that provide excellent functionality with high digital sound quality. It can be used in a wide variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors with a camera.