Single-channel wireless microphone for high-quality digital recording

The ECM-W3S comprises a microphone-transmitter featuring high signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio microphone units, and a single-channel receiver. The transmitter and receiver process audio digitally and transmit it wirelessly, allowing the capture and recording of one speaker's voice with superb clarity and low noise.


High-quality digital sound recording

High signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) microphone units are integrated into the two combined microphone-transmitters, enabling clear voice recording with low noise.

High-quality dual-channel digital transmission

Connecting the dual-channel receiver to a camera1 from Sony that supports the Multi Interface (MI) Shoe, such as one of the α™ series digital interchangeable-lens cameras or vlog cameras, allows the digital audio signal output from the receiver to be recorded directly by the camera body, enabling high-quality sound recording with minimal noise contamination.

The convenience of wireless

The ECM-W3 comprises two microphone-transmitters and a dual-channel receiver, allowing wireless sound capture of two speakers' voices. Communication is possible at up to 150 m2 in clear line-of-sight locations, with Bluetooth 5.3 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and LC3plus3 codecs providing low power consumption, low latency, and high sound quality. Power saving has also enabled a reduction in battery size.

Noise-suppressing filter functions

A noise-cut filter using digital signal processing to effectively remove noise, and a low-cut filter that reduces noise in the low-frequency range, are provided on the microphone side. Less noise removal is needed post-production, making workflow more efficient.

Safety and attenuator functions

A safety function is provided that allows simultaneous recording of two audio signals, one at normal volume and the other 20 dB lower, reducing the risk of clipping during loud recording. An attenuator function is also provided, allowing the recording level to be set to one of three values according to the audio volume.

Microphone audio input/output

A 3.5-mm mini jack (monaural) is provided as an external microphone input terminal on the microphone side, and a 3.5-mm mini jack (stereo) on the receiver side serves as an audio output terminal. In addition to sound acquisition using a stereo-compatible lavalier microphone, output to devices not equipped with a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe is also possible.4

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