Lightweight and compact 50mm F1.4 G Master™ prime

Sony’s latest lens technology delivers extraordinary resolution and bokeh in a compact, lightweight lens. Extraordinary AF, smooth operability, and rugged reliability add the finishing touches to this innovative large-aperture standard prime lens.

Video Shot on Sony FE 50 mm F1.4 GM Lens

Watch the way Sony Artisan and wedding videographer Vishal Punjabi creates magic with the new lens! The lens' F1.4 aperture delivers magnificent bokeh effect and with new feats in resolution, Vishal can capture stunning visuals in any lighting condition. The linear response manual focus allows for more intuitive focusing while the minimum focus breathing ensures that he can get closer than ever to his subjects. Extraordinary AF, smooth operability and lightweight body add the finishing touches to this innovative large-aperture standard prime lens.

Images shot on Sony FE 50 mm F1.4 GM Lens

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Unrivalled G Master bokeh

Innovative optics and an F1.4 maximum aperture deliver magnificent bokeh. XA (extreme aspherical) elements prevent onion-ring bokeh, while spherical aberration optimisation during design and manufacture contributes to beautiful bokeh with reduced colour bleeding. The 11-blade circular aperture produces beautiful bokeh at maximum aperture.

Get close for eye-opening detail

Minimum focusing distance is 0.41 metres and maximum magnification is 0.16x when AF is used (0.38 metres and 0.18x for MF), providing extra flexibility for shooting stills and movies. XA (extreme aspherical) lens elements maintain sharpness at any focusing distance, while smooth, deep bokeh at F1.4 separates the subject from the background.

G Master™ quality right to the edges

Two high-precision XA (extreme aspherical) elements effectively correct distortion and most types of aberration so that high resolution is achieved right to the image edges. This new optical design also uses an ED (extra-low dispersion) glass element to suppress chromatic aberration so that images are clear and sharp without colour bleeding.

Smooth, quiet AF for movies

XD linear motors and an advanced control algorithm optimise response to control signals so that focusing is precise and vibration is minimised for refined, quiet AF operation; a huge advantage when shooting movies, even at high frame rates. The breathing compensation function in compatible α series bodies is also supported 2.

Fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking

This high-performance lens effectively maximises the speed potential of α series bodies, quickly acquiring focus on subjects even when using shallow depth of field. Sony's high-thrust XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors and an advanced control algorithm ensure smooth, responsive focus drive for stills and movies.

Customisable focus hold button and more for advanced control

Focus hold buttons and a focus mode switch provide extra shooting versatility. Customisable focus hold buttons in two locations can be assigned other functions from the body menus to match shooting needs. For example, the Focus Magnifier function could be assigned to these buttons so that it is available for quick focus checks while shooting.

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