FE PZ 16-35 mm F4 G


World lightest 1 Full Frame F4 Wide-angle Power-zoom Lens

Ultra-light, versatile wide-angle power zoom

Sony's vast expertise brings you the world's lightest 1 full-frame F4 wide-angle power-zoom lens, giving today's content creators refined imagery, expression and control. A new power-zoom system in a compact lens is suitable for small crews or solo shooting. It is ideal for stills too, with beautiful G lensTM rendering and astonishing AF performance.

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FE PZ 16–35 mm F4 G | Shubh Mukherjee’s Review

To create more with less you need a versatile tool. Catch Sony Artisan Shubh Mukherjee talk about Sony FE PZ 16–35 mm F4 G lens, how this lens helps him in establishing his shots, portraits, and capture quality photos and videos in high resolution. Be it solo shooting or with a small crew, its ultra-light, versatile wide-angle zoom makes it a perfect fit for both photos and videos.

Introducing FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G | Sony | Lens

The Sony FE PZ 16–35 mm F4 G wide-angle power-zoom lens gives still shooters and movie content creators extraordinarily refined imagery, expression and control. It features beautiful G LensTM rendering, amazing AF performance, and a new power-zoom system using four XD Linear Motors in a compact lens.

Shot on Sony FE PZ 16–35 mm F4 G

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Three-ring control: zoom, focus, and aperture

Independent zoom, focus, and aperture rings on this compact lens offer flexible, intuitive creative control. Responsive zoom control is indispensable for movies, and Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly to subtle control when focusing manually. The aperture ring has an aperture click switch that allows the click stops to be turned off when smooth, seamless aperture adjustment is required. [1] Focusing ring [2] Zoom ring [3] Aperture ring

Excellent close-up performance

The use of AA (advanced aspherical) elements in an advanced optical design results in excellent close-up performance throughout the lens's zoom range. A minimum focusing distance of 0.24 m (0.79 ft) with 0.23x maximum magnification and constant length make this lens an excellent choice for table-top photography.

Feature-packed yet incredibly lightweight

Although this compact wide-angle zoom lens weighs just 353 g (12.5 oz), it does not compromise functionality or performance in any way. Its length remains constant while focusing and zooming for optimal balance and handling, which also makes it ideal for gimbal-mounted movie shooting. Impressive portability and a dust/moisture-resistant design2 make it a great choice for just about any subject or situation.

Designed for polished movie imagery

In addition to smooth, versatile power zoom, this remarkably compact lens minimises jarring angle-of-view shifts that can occur when focusing or zooming so that stable, high-quality movie footage can be easily captured. Focus, zoom and aperture operation are also extremely quiet, greatly reducing noise and vibration that can interfere with movie recording.

Refined G Lens bokeh

A 7-blade circular aperture and carefully designed spherical aberration work together to deliver smooth, deep full-frame bokeh that can add impressive atmosphere and visual impact. Impeccable Lens design provides a graceful balance between high resolution and gorgeous background bokeh that enhances the artist's vision.

Smooth power zoom with snappy response

A new power-zoom system driven by four XD Linear Motors for the first time in an α lens provides smooth control with the immediacy of manual zoom. Even subtle zoom ring rotation is precisely detected and instantaneously converted to zoom operation. A continuously variable zoom lever makes it easy to execute super-slow constant-speed zooms, and zoom can be remotely controlled while the camera is mounted on a gimbal3.

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