Easy to use and with dazling image quality, the ZV-1F is the brilliant next step to growing content and creativity for creators and vloggers. Explore more

Specifications and Features

Ultra-wide-angle 20 mm

Ultra-wide-angle 20 mm prime lens, ideal for group selfies and background scenery.

Vari-angle touch screen

Vari-angle LCD for selfies.

Clear Voice Recording

Indoors or outdoors, the ZV-1F is designed to always capture your voice clearly no matter where you're shooting.

Active Mode image stabilisation

Active Mode image stabilisation helps to minimise image blur from handheld shooting for steadier shots..

Fit everything in the frame

With the ZV-1F, you can truly capture it all. The camera's ultra-wide-angle 20 mm1 lens captures a wider field of view than the human visual field, you can take images with eye-popping depth and perspective, even in narrow spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Beautiful skin tones for everyone

The ZV-1F will accurately capture your skin tone, ensuring you a healthy and natural look. There's also a Soft Skin Effect selectable to OFF/Low/Mid/High to adjust your skin smoothness.

Sharp AF, bright face

Using Eye AF, the camera automatically recognises human faces and eyes, making sure you stay in focus in front of the lens. There's no need to worry about lighting either, as Face Priority AE will automatically brighten your face.

Vertical video made simple

The ZV-1F also gives you the option of rotating horizontal video in-camera with no extra editing required. What's more, vertical videos are automatically tagged, allowing you to transfer them straight to your smartphone.

Connect to your smartphone to do more

Transfer all your recorded images and videos to your smartphone over Wi-Fi through the Creators App. It also turns your phone into a remote control for remote shooting.

Simple, intuitive control

Even first-time camera users can jump straight into shooting with the ZV-1F. There's no need to study complex settings. Control icons are displayed on the screen and are easily adjustable with just a touch.

Effortlessly portable

Small and lightweight, the camera is designed to be taken out and about—just like your smartphone. Capture everyday life with ease, and grab content on the go.

Simple streaming with a single cable

Transform the ZV-1F into a high-quality web camera by simply connecting a compatible device via USB. The 1.0-type image sensor and Creative Look ensure vibrant visuals, while the Directional 3-Capsule Mic will give you excellent audio.

Recommended Accessories